About Donna Jo

We homeschooled for twenty-two years. My kids are widely spaced, and some have more learning challenges than is typical. When I wasn’t scraping glue off the dining table or carting kids around in my blue minivan, I wrote to stay sane.

Writing has always been a passion. I used to freelance a little, but that got derailed by life and circumstance. My body of work isn’t extensive by any means, but has appeared in Home Education Magazine, various online and print publications, columns, and anthologies.

I spend most of my writing time these days working on my books, both novels and nonfiction. I haven’t published any books yet, but I am seeking representation. I post about my fiction writing over on donnajostone.com.

I love to read and post a mini book review every Wednesday on donnajostone.com and my Instagram. I’m on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads, though I spend the most time on Facebook and Instagram.

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