undismayed; not discouraged; not forced to abandon purpose or effort:

undaunted by failure.


undiminished in courage or valor; not giving way to fear; intrepid:

Although outnumbered, he was undaunted.

Adj. brave, bold

Syn. fearless, indomitable, steadfast, undeterred, courageous

Ant. cowardly, shrinking


Homeschooling is my one thing. It’s the one thing I have always been sure of. Not that I was ‘doing it right’ but that it was the right thing to do for my children.

When we started out, if you looked at the situation, you wouldn’t think so.

I didn’t have many resources, suffer chronic illness, and there is autism in the house. Finances and support have been sparse.

People always assume I went to college. I didn’t. I graduated from high school with honors and a profound lack of abilities. I could barely do basic math, had no clue how to organize and write a research paper, and  could not have analyzed literature to save my life.

While I loved reading popular fiction, a great deal of literature was beyond me. I distinctly remember trying to read The Scarlet Letter while pregnant with my third child and giving up in tears. It was hopeless. A lifetime of being told I was stupid should have deterred me, but I happen to be blessed with perseverance, or plain old hardheaded stubbornness, if you prefer.

In case you are wondering, all my children can do math and have gone on to higher education. They most certainly can analyze literature and can write. Even the ones with learning challenges.

Through this journey, it has become obvious that I most likely have learning disabilities myself.

It didn’t stop me from teaching my own. I knew I wasn’t prepared, and that gave me an advantage. It made me study and ask for help. I also knew enough to trust my instincts and I understood my options, which were few. No one was as invested in my children’s success as I was.

My methods are eclectic, with a strong bent towards unschooling, and my kids tell me I am the toughest teacher they ever had. No one gets out of my ‘school’ without a strong dose of logic, critical thinking, and philosophy. If that sounds impressive, I should remind you there are books for teaching that. This blog is not about products or methods. It’s about finding the courage to build strong relationships and empower through education. It’s about what that looked like for us.

Side Note: By the time we got to The Scarlet Letter, to my total shock, it was easy peasy. Math? It’s still hard.

Please note I said homeschooling was right for my children. I am a strong advocate for school choice, whatever that is for your family.

Author: Donna Jo Stone

I write YA and women's fiction. I currently have two blogs, one for books and writing, and another for homeschooling topics. I love to read, and review books from a variety of genres. Christ Follower. Spoonie. Autism Mom. Watercolor Enthusiast.

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